Snail Mail - Christmas Beetle

$10.00 AUD
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Snail Mail - Christmas Beetle

Cheer-er-upperers for Covid time.

Price includes standard postage to your friend.

An original artwork reproduced on a 4x6 inch post card. Printed on acid free gloss photo paper and mailed to your lockdown friends in a joyful envelope.

Each order of the Snail Mail Precious Tidbits includes:
- one printed art card
- one fluoro envelope adorned with a variety of stickers
- standard postage to your chosen address

I will address the envelope and send it directly to your friend.

Please note: You can choose the artwork, but I will choose the colour of the envelope and also the stickers that go with it.

After check out, when filling in mailing address, use the address of your friend.

Each item will need to go to a separate friend's address so please use the 'Notes and Comments' box during check out to paste your addresses, and specify who gets which artwork.

Or! Just place your order, and after that we can sort out the addresses over email.